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It’s an old issue but I recently watched an old Utaban show guesting Arashi and there they showed some semi(?)-nude pics of Jun in a magazine called AnAn… so, of course I looked for it… give your thanks to emeree of LiveJournal for the scans:


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I’ve always known that I can’t write in Tagalog (Filipino language, duh!). But still every time I find proof of this I get surprised. This morning, a client came by and I had to compose something in Tagalog and found myself wanting to hit my head on the wall for not knowing the Tagalog translation for “irreconcilable differences.” When I had the document checked, my sentence construction looked so confused that BigBoss actually asked me why I didn’t compose it in English, which would be easier (Ms.Client specifically said she needed one in Tagalog).


I’m not saying that my English writing or speaking is good. I’m only saying that my Tagalog is worse. I can speak it, but write in it? No. This is probably because when I was young my dad had put so much importance on learning English than Tagalog that I actually forwent learning Tagalog. (We weren’t allowed to watch Tagalog shows at night when my dad was home. My dad’s maxim being “You already know how to speak Tagalog, you should learn how to speak English”)


On the contrary, I can’t speak shit in English. I can write in it, but speak? No. Public speaking is not my forte. Most of the problem lies with my diction; I get embarrassed when I can’t say a word with the proper pronunciation. And then there’s the issue of finding the right words. When someone addresses me vocally in English, my brain shuts down and the English words fail to come.


Yet I love language. Its fun knowing words other people of other countries speak regularly. Right now, I’m thinking of learning Japanese. I don’t know what I’ll do with it because I can’t teach (No patience) and I can’t be a translator (I’ll panic) but I still want to learn it. Who knows maybe I’ll get to go to Japan someday, you know, to visit one of those places they feature in that show Japan Video Topics in Ch 13 (is it weird that me and my sister actually enjoy watching that show?) and then maybe I’ll meet Arashi, then I’ll know what to say!! You see where my infatuation with Arashi is taking me?


Anyway, maybe I’ll enroll in some language school next semester. Right now, money is going into my laptop fund. Yes, I’m buying a laptop, and then the internet connection in my house will follow. And then I’ll conquer the world, ha ha ha!!

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Finally, I got to watch the Himitsu no Arashi episode of Hana Yori MatsuJun (episode 9)!! Thanks to Icecola of WordPress and xxakanishixx of YouTube. Brilliant mode of promotion for Hana Yori Dango Final not to mention hilarious because Jun (probably) didn’t have any idea what was happening.


If you’ve been looking for a translation of the episode try jliann’s LJ page: “Because I couldn’t help it…XD” for part one, and “Every Idol needs a fan like Ooshima” for part two.


I saw Ooshima-san on a Shukudai-kun episode where she sumo-wrestled one of her groupmates (Morisanchuu, I think is their group’s name?) and ended up showing her butt to everyone. Even then she already said she was a big fan of Jun (even to the point of threatening her group of physical harm if they so much as touch him); but seeing just how much of a fan she is, is amazing. I mean, she even has a scrapbook full of magazine clippings etc of Jun and Arashi… and concert tickets with her name on it… gosh, she reminds me of me in high school when I was still gaga over the Backstreet Boys… it’s embarrasing but I still have the huge scrapbook in one of the dusty boxes at home. It’s just a shme that the only time BSB cme to the the Phils was when I was in elementary and my hormones haven’t kicked in yet.


Anyway, the only vid for the actual Himitsu show is “unembeddable” so I can’t give you a link. But part of Jun and Ooshima’s date was kindly uploaded by miihchan of YouTube… here ya go!! (for partial translation of HnA see aatash of LiveJournal’s page: Utaban & HnA.)


Part 1 of episode… warning, though, it has nothing to do with MatsuJun’s date: (these ladies scare me… really)



Part 2 of episode: Jun’s date starts at 7:02:


Part 3:



Part 4:



And that hilarious ending!!:



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Arashi no Shukudai-kun Episode 12-18-2006(?)

Forcing Riida to eat Sparrow… he looked like he was going to cry while he was chewing that bird, poor baby (*big hug*) but still so squishable. Seemed kinda angry when he said “Umai!”

(note: the ff translation came from the YouTube Page by one of the Commentors: 19plugs)

(DO IT! Go for it!)
(Here it comes! Suzume – Sparrow)
Ohno: Anesan (Older sister), DO IT!
Anesan: No way!
MatsuJun: Don’t cry
Nino: You’re 26 years old ok
Aiba: Ganbare! (Do your best!)
Ohno: Anesan DO IT!
Aiba: Tasty or bad?
Ohno: TASTY!
Aiba: That’s great!

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There’s something so troubling seeing your two male idols kiss in front of you. For some reason, the feeling is not jealously… and it’s so weird. Anyway, Icecola finds the most interesting information. The latest? Ohmiya’s kiss on stage: Itadakimasu!!


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This probably one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever watched. I should’ve listened to myself when I thought the title was corny. “I know who killed me” is so horrible it could cause brain damage to viewers.

The story starts with heroine Audrey Fleming: simple, pianist, writer; stereo-typical good girl. She one day gets kidnapped by a limb tearing serial killer who’s obsessed of the color blue. But when she was found, with the expected limbs cut off but still alive, she denies being Audreybut insists that she is Dakota Moss, a foul-mouthed stripper who’s the complete opposite of their darling Audreyand also happens to be the lead character in the novel Audrey was writing.

Multiple personalities? Mistaken identities?  No. If you thought this movie has a deeper meaning than that poster, you are totally mistaken.

Maybe I’ve just watched too many CSI, Numbers, and Criminal Minds episodes but the FBI’s in this movie just seemed plain stupid. Dakota Moss kept insisting over and over again that she is not Audrey and they don’t even try to confirm it. Sure, she sounded crazy but still. They could’ve compared DNA samples, checked her background. For people who are so keen to catch a serial killer, they seemed to be feeling too lazy to explore all the points in Dakota’s story and just insisted that she was lying.

And then right in the middle of the movie Dakota suddenly comes to the conclusion that she has a twin sister. How? Because she found a video in the internet telling her that Stigmata occurs between twins… Yes, that’s all the convincing she needed.

Neil McDonough (The only other person I recognized) played Audrey’s father who revealed to Dakota that she is indeed Audrey’s twin sister and without a moment’s notice helps Dakota in a wild goose chase, never even thinking that “Hey! Maybe the FBI wanted in on the big secret.”

It doesn’t even help that the actors seemed weary of their lines. It looked like they didn’t want to be there at all. Lindsay Lohan sounded funny, I’m sorry that’s the only adjective I could come up with as of now. In fairness I didn’t really find time to observe her I was too busy trying to take my eyes off her boobs. It’s just so distracting, every time Lohan appears on screen the first thing I see are her boobs. I suppose it was right for them not to let her take off her top (although I expected she would, with the strip teasing and all). If she flashes everyone watching the movie no one would be able to pay attention. But then again the script is crap so they should’ve just let the men have something for their money, it’s not like she hasn’t shown her boobs to the public before.

The killer? I’ll give you a hint, and I’ll borrow a line from my favorite columnist Jessica Zafra: If you’ve watched enough suspense/thrillers you’ll find out who the killer is in the first ten minutes of the movie.

If you plan to watch this, wear earplugs. That way your I.Q. won’t leak out of your ears.




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This is a little late, I guess… HanaYoriDango Final Preview…

Only 7 days more… June 28, 2008!!

Is it too late for me to hope that this movie will be shown here in the Phils? (*beg*)

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