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I’m pissed… four days have passed since Maou ep 4 and I still haven’t watched it. It’s this stupid computer’s fault, it keeps downloading at the rate of centuries so even though the raws are available, I couldn’t get the vids.

My temper’s been flaring lately, and the scandals people keep throwing at Ohno is not helping~ the main reason of my temper is that I’ve been on a diet for three days.

Ugh! An a DIET!! That dreadful, dreadful word! Five years ago, this word wouldn’t even pop into my head. I’ve never had to watch my weight before. I could eat like a pig and still stay the same. But this time it’s different… about six people who greeted me on the office opened with “You gained weight, didn’t you?” Plus that Himitsu episode that said Ohno’s weight is close to 40kg when I think I’m nearly if not 60kg now, or most probably more (I’ve become scared of weighing scales, so I’m basing this on estimate, e.g. the berth of my body).

So, for three days now I’ve limited myself from eating only a little of breakfast and lunch and no dinner. Bland fish and boiled vegetables and loooow on rice; no softdrinks, no junk foods… I feel like I’m dying~ hence the temper flare… aaaaarrrrgh!! how long so I have to endure until I get used to this?

Suggestions to lose weight faster and less painfully are most welcomed~


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Happy news: So Ohno’s out of the red, according to aeslis (posted on arashi_on@lj):

Tonight around 8pm I got a text from the Arashi email office with a regular update on activities. There was a confirmation of Truth/Kimi no Mukou e set to release on 8/20, with a confirmation of Kimi no Mukou e being the Olympic song and a mention of Truth being the opener for “Ohno Satoshi’s drama”.

And Vox’s MatsuJunkie posted an entry pointing out several parts of the pics with the girls proving that they have been tampered.

The world is still turning… however!! A quick refresh at fybabe’s blog and this popped update popped out:

ohno denied to smoking pot but admitted to 3p.

je went to calm down the major tv stations, newpapers instantly.

je adamantly refused any sort of coverage/interviews for nino/toma’s coming dorama to be showcased in gendai.

but the biggest bang to kodanshi was je to cancel all the yearly je calendar publishing rights with them, which brought in around 200million yen a year.

they claimed the person responsible for mag publications in je died suddenly O.o this had a huge impact in je…

…Ohno admits the 3P~

~hurt me more, why don’t you?

…is it weird that despite the pictures (though fake), i still can’t imagine Ohno doing 3P?

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Here’s a fun page… Ohno’s newest scandal. If only we could castrate those stupid magazine tabloid writers and editors and everyone who has the nerve to actually print this in magazines in the first place… But then again, without them we’ll have nothing to talk about… here it is

from icecola: Rumor: Ohno smoking marijuana

from fybabe with the pictures: Fybabe’s Boys

Okay… where’s the marijuana? All I see is a girl’s naked butt…


here’re the pics…

I think I got them from icecola

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… i’m in no mood to say anything today.

Follow the link to Ohno’s imitation of the other Arashi members~


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Just this today: check out icecola’s post about Ohno’s weight. I didn’t think anyone else noticed it because I commented on it somewhere once and didn’t get a reply. Well, i suppose it’s big news now. Try watching AnS episode 84 (?) when they had that guy Daisuke guest on it, i think it’s the first time Ohno came out with his hair dyed black and then watch Maou. It’s like two different people. And is it just me or does he look really tired lately? It’s like his energy is slowly being drained somehow, he’s not as cheerful as before.

Give me back my squishy and bubbly Ohno!!


One of my favorite songs of Arashi is not one of Ohno’s solos but actually Nino’s Himitsu. He just sounds so kawaiiiiiii! So I found this on YouTube– Ohno lip sync-ing Nino’s Himitsu and trying to imitate his moves. PERFECT!! A serious must see: (btw, credits for the vid goes to YouTube’s aggerokakao)

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Despite having received the link for the Episode 3 of Maou two days ago, I only got to watch it yesterday. Grrr watches Maou now, mostly because of Toma Ikuta. I told her about the ratings of Maou (1st episode: 14%; 2nd episode: 12.6; and 3rd: 9.2%) and she’s not surprised… and frankly, I’m not either.

Now, this might incur the wrath of my co-Arashi and Ikuta fans (note: I love them both) but please let’s face the facts: Maou isn’t really that interesting (gomen! gomen! Honto gomen!!).

Our reasons:

1. I don’t know how they do it but every scene feels like it’s rushed but it also feels like nothing is happening at the same time. It’s always Toma running, Ohno walking, Toma screaming, Ohno in the darkroom (repeat).

2. Toma is too hysterical and he’s always running (he doesn’t own a car?). Grrr pointed out that Toma is perfect for comedy doramas but he looks so confused when portraying serious type characters. ~But then I liked the way he acted at that scene outside Shiori’s house when he was crying over his friend’s death (makes you want to fly to Japan and squeeze him and tell him everything’s alright).

3. Ohno is everywhere yet he moves so slooooow. Although I love how Ohno manages to convey the hatred and sadness and lately guilt that he’s supposed to have just by his facial expressions, I don’t like that he moves like a statue on wheels. A little less on the stiffness would be nice.

4. Grrr pointed out that Kobayashi Ryoko looks like a turtle, I noticed that she walks with her armpits glued to her sides, and both of think she looks annoying but that’s just us being sourgrapes for seeing her with Ohno and Toma. In truth, she’s pretty but unlike the Korean Mawang (I only watched the first episode) she doesn’t exactly glow. Sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it: it’s just that she doesn’t glow, the Korean actress does but she doesn’t.

5. Grrr and I have already guessed how the freaking thing would end, in just after three episodes. Doesn’t exactly make you want to stick to the series if you’re in for the plot.

As much as I don’t like seeing Ohno’s first dorama fail so miserably (he’s my ichiban and all), I understand the reason why. It’s just not interesting enough.


I’ve discovered how I could wake myself successfully early in the morning: I used Ohno’s AU CM song as my alarm tone. Everytime I hear Ohno’s voice I jolt awake wondering where it is. Perfect!!

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One of the videos I brought home last Sunday was Arashi no Shukudai-kun episode #62 (Urgent year end plan! Arashi decisive battle for housework king!); the one where they were made to do games that was supposed to be related to housework to see who the housework king is.

The first task was to mop 5 meters on the floor around a round mat. I haven’t watched it before so when this happened to Nino…




my 1st .gif,, gomen ne

first .gif,, click on pic if it's not moving


…both Grrr and I laughed so much our abs got workouts (we watched this scene over and over and over and over). He looked like an overturned turtle!! He was doing fine the first turn but his foot sort of slid on the floor. Such a good sport though, he was laughing at himself while going through his second loop.

Poor Nino~ apparently, because he was the fourth one to do the mopping, the floor had so much water it became slippery. In all fairness too, Aiba, who came after Nino, almost slipped twice at the exact same spot Nino slipped.

Other stuff happened in the episode too, demo~ (for a detailed information on this episode just check out Aatash’s Livejournal page).


Oh btw, livejournal’s yuckie-chan had also uploaded scans of Gyao, Potato, & WinkUp, & TV Pia Magazine which had Arashi and Ohno&Toma in it. These are from her:


 ~pretty pretty Ohno, luv that angle (*squishes Ohno’s face*)


~one of my favorite pictures ever (*drool*)

This one is from WinkUp


See Nino? See? (I loooooove Ohmiya!!)

Someone translate these mags, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!!

***For the rest of the pics (and more!) check out yuckie-chan’s livejournal posts: For Gyao, Potato and Wink Up here. For TV Pia here

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