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Oh, wait… this is Arashi~ the Truth Music Video is out!!

Brought to you by YouTube’s kazenomukoue.

Let me rant about this song and video for a bit. Since MCR came out I’ve been EMO. It’s only been about four months that I’ve reverted back to POP and its only because its Arashi. And now this song and video. I can’t even express how much I love this one~ I’m seriously flipping. I never really thought Arashi could pull off EMO but they did. Arashi + EMO = Daisuke!!

In case you can’t play the above video here’s a .gif I stole from shaneen of LJ~ took it because Ohno just moves so~ I can’t even describe it: super thin but still so hot!!

shaneen has loads more .gifs of the Truth PV come visit her post. and if you want to get a copy of the PV you can try LJ community Arashi_On, I think they have it.




I had nothing to do this morning so I took a picture of my confusing looking workspace:

and the five things that I never  leave the house without, with the exception of money and house keys and my bag where I put them all, of course.

1. My MP4: I’m anti-social and the best way to keep people away is to carry an MP4 player and headsets.

2. Flashdisk: where else will I store the files I get from the internet?

3. Celphone: in case of SOS from home.

4. A book, any book: same reason as number 1, when you read people stay away. Plus it’s a nice way to occupy time when you’re stuck in traffic or have a long commute like me.

5. Chapstick: not lipgloss, just regular un-shiny ones… I just need to have one with me all the time.

What are yours?


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Along with my conviction to lessen the food that I ingest was my decision to massively lessen the amount of Arashi that I intake everyday as my already lessening concentration is suffering. But, yappari, it’s impossible. I’ve surrounded myself with too much of Arashi to avoid them now.


Just after I’ve posted the previous one saying that I’m on an Arashi diet, I came home and found my sister Grrr and, unbelievably, my dad, who hates watching anything subtitled, watching Yamada Tarou in the living room (The next day, Sakura Sake was blasting throughout the house.) My dad seemed to find it really funny that the Yamada family would rather win a large watermelon than a DVD player (Episode 5?); proof that I come from an incredibly materialistic family. The time that my dad had been glimpsing at the computer when Grr and I watch Shukudai and Odoroki on it has been increasing too. He doesn’t know their names and the only person he knows at least by face is Ohno who he refers to as “the one with the dead taste buds”.


My sister kept bugging me to find that song in Hana Yori Dango the one sung by a girl that starts with “Arigatou~something.” Apparently she has a classmate who’s insane about Jun and Hana Yori Dango and she wanted to boast about having the song… but I haven’t found it; I don’t even know the title.


In the office, I could at least avoid seeing Arashi yet sometimes it just gets so boring that I couldn’t help but watch the videos that I had left there to pass the time.


Sigh~ I suppose it’s easier to surrender and not resist.’


Anyway, I don’t know if anyone had noticed this but I was watching Arashi no Shukudai Episode 88 yesterday and noticed this:



See Ohmiya at the bottom right side? How Ohno’s head rests oh so nicely on Nino’s? I had to rewind and watch it twice just to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me~ I love these boys.

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Amusing myself~

It’s 1:10PM and I’m in the middle of the city in a deathly cold net-cafe (seriously, I’m freezing even though I’m already wearing a jacket) and waiting for my downloads to finish… the last one will finish in 16 minutes (yey!) but still 16 minutes is still a lot of time. I’m currently expriencing Arashi overload because of the last Ohno scandal and I’ve come to the realization that too much Arashi is bad for my health or at least my sanity and to preserve it I will stop writing about Arashi or searching for them for a while and amuse myself with other stuff, like anime (see previous post about Haruhi) and ghost stories.

I had an “occult phase” when I was in high school. That was when I was obsessed with witches and spells and ghosts and other stuff; and then I went to college and found out that the witches in the Salem witch hunts weren’t really witches and that the inquisitions were actually means for the church to keep their power over religion in check and served as a reason for various sadists reasons to torture women. But ghosts, I still like. I like being scared, it’s fun.

~wait… downloads are having a tantrum, need to fix first~ Fixed. Continue…

So every now and then I look for new ghosts sites to read from. The latest I’ve found is this: New Moon at O’Neill’s Ghostories. There are personal accounts of various people about their experiences. I haven’t read a lot of the stories yet so~ ah, downloads complete. Bye-ni!!

EDIT: Eh?! Just read some stories. Never mind the link, most weren’t even scary~

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the power to change everything? It’s a really huge responsibility but still completely and utterly cool. With that, I could restore the rainforests, reverse the greenhouse effect, make annoying politicians disappear, bring back dinosaurs, and loads of other stuff. I’d never be bored again. Haruhi Suzumiya has this power, but she’s still bored stiff, probably because she doesn’t know she has them.


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (anime) (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu) follows the life of Haruhi Suzumiya, a teenage girl who has the power to change reality, through the eyes of her classmate Kyon, a normal teenage boy mixed with real life aliens, time travelers, and espers.


Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

I heard about Haruhi Suzumiya through the anime “Lucky Star” (Konata’s favorite is Haruhi). Japanese light novels/manga aren’t being sold here in Pampanga so I had to content myself with the anime.


The first time I watched the anime I was confused. The order of the episodes is screwed up and I kept wondering if there were missing episodes and if I’ve been somehow duped by the dude who sold the DVD to me. And then I realized that it’s normally that way, arranged following the confusing and jumbled up mind of Haruhi Suzumiya. Apparently, the seven chapters of the first novel The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya were kept and inserted in between them are chapters from the other following novels. At the next episode previews, we are given two episode numbers, one from Haruhi (the order of the episode in which order they are supposed to appear according to the story) and one from Kyon (the chronological order of the episode).


As said, the point of view of the story is through Kyon’s eyes. At the start of classes Haruhi quickly declares that she has no interest in ordinary humans and wishes to meet aliens, time travelers, and espers. Kyon, one day, finds himself actually having a conversation with Haruhi (he sat infront of her). Why Haruhi spoke to him in the first place is a mystery but their daily conversation became normal for the two. One day, Kyon lectures Haruhi about her “club-hopping” which gave Haruhi the idea to make her own club.


Kyon was then forced to co-make Haruhi’s club: The SOS Brigade or the or Spreading Excitement All Over the World with Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade (界をいに盛り上げるための宮ハルヒの団 Sekai o Ōini Moriageru Tame no Suzumiya Haruhi no Dan), where the club’s aim is to find and have fun with aliens, time travelers, and espers. Haruhi then finds a near empty club room where the Literary Club used to use and claims it as her own, thereby recruiting the one and only member of the Literary Club, Yuki Nagato. The next to join is 2nd year Mikuru Asahina, because of Haruhi’s design to add a “moe” feel to their club. Third is Itsuki Koizumi, the “mysterious transfer student, as Haruhi had explained his presence. Over time Kyon learns that Haruhi actually has superpowers and the people in their club are actually what Haruhi wished she would meet: an alien (Yuki Nagato), a time traveler (Mikuru Asahina), and an esper (Itsuki Koizumi). Though the series also involves Haruhi’s different schemes to relieve boredom, the main plot revolves around Haruhi and Kyon and their role in each other’s life. It’s like a screwed up love story.


But my fascination with this anime lies on the fact that I know how Haruhi feels~ the constant boredom and feeling of helplessness, and feeling that life needs a little more spice to it. Plus I’m a geek.


Episode summaries with screencaps I’ll put up when I feel like it. For more (characters etc.) see my Haruhi Page (tab above my banner). ~Still scouring for the light novels.

~Names in Japanese Characters were taken from Wikipedia.org

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