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What would you do for $3.8 US Million Dollars?

I heard about this in Good Times with Mo, MoJo, and Grace @ Magic 89.9 (Monday to Thursday at 6-9AM) last Tuesday so this may be old news but whatever.

A girl in the U.S. is auctioning off her virginity for the amount of a minimum of $1 million US. Check out Scandalist.com who spoke to the girl, 22 year old Natalie Dylan (not her real name), who’s apparently doing it to pay for her school.

So far, she’s gotten an offer up to $3.8 Million US. But (!!!), get this, she won’t do it with just anyone. She hopes to find someone who ‘seems intelligent’… huh?! Wait, what she’s selling is her “intact hymen” especially since she’s already done oral sex before and her virginity is only a technicality… so, what does that have to do with someone who seems intelligent? Think about it, you hand over $3.8 US Mil but she won’t give what you want because you look stupid.

I wonder what kind of idiot would hand over $1Mil for a shot at a virgin… I wouldn’t pay half of that even if Ohno Satoshi started selling himself. You’ve got to see her pictures, though, she looks like a 30 year old stripper version of Amanda Bynes. My Boss says she has “man legs.” My Boss’ wife offers a theory on why she looks like that: she says that maybe the girl is actually a boy and had only gotten a transplant so now she’s a virgin again.


$3.8 Million… Php 190,000,000… geez…

Question: is this legal? Isn’t this technically prostitution or is virginity considered an object now like a roll of tape?

To sleep with someone for the first time for a whopping Php 190,000,000… That’s a lo~t of zeroes… What do you think?

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I like road tripping, even before I had a car i’ ve always liked getting lost which is what road tripping usuall means to us directionally challenged. So last Saturday, my sister Grr and I decided to do some road tripping. There was a road that a lot of people tell us that would lead us from our subdivision (which is located inside the maze of barrios of our small mountain town) to Angeles City.

They all say we should just follow the road so we followed the road. A few moments after we turned we found a fork in the road. Left or Right. Right or Left. It wasn’t really hard to choose. The road to the right led to a road with very, very, very tall weeds on the sidewalks; the road to the left were houses. We went left.

We found other vehicles going our way… or towards the general direction we were going to so we decided to follow them. Not very long, the sceneries started to change. From the houses we became surrounded by farm land, lots and lots of them; and then we started seeing abandoned farm houses and buildings decorated by tall weeds. I started enumerating all the slasher and monster movies that involved travelling that i’ve watched: Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jeepers Creepers… what the hell am I going to do if some psycho suddenly jumped out from the mud and murders us?!

But fifteen minutes of driving on a long stretch of road, occassionally slowing down in narrow roads with children scampering on the sidewalks, we arrived at Angeles City. And yes– i was dissapointed nothing happened.

So we proceeded at the mall and did stuff that bored people do at the mall: look at stuff we’d probably never be able to buy, and when we got bored with that, Grr and I had a brain blast: we should find SM Clark!

The only way i knew how to get there was to ride a jeep but that can’t be… ah, another target for our small and short road trip. Bearing our goal in mind, we went to the car, I U-turned and proceeded towards the general direction of Clark Airbase.

I turned right in front of the church and wondered why there was no traffic that way. It was Saturday, right? Normally in the center of Angeles City, thre would be traffic, there always was. But never mind that, we need to get this road trip started.

But just as I had turned an old man in black started waiving at me. On his back the word “traffic” was inscribed in yellow. “Eh? What did I do?” I turned to Grr, checking if she was wearing her seatbelt, she was, so what was wrong?

I rolled down the window and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The man in black pointed back at the road I had just passed, “There was a traffic light there. It was red and you still turned.”

“No there isn’t.” I’ve been passing that road for ages, there is no traffic light there. I looked.

Yup, there it is, a traffic light.

“Gimme your license.”

In my shock, i forgot to bribe him. He took my license and gave me a ticket: Reckless Driving.


And there endeth the road trip. We didn’t even get to SM Clark.

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I don’t make friends very easy, basically it’s because I’m annoying. But there are very few gifted people who can interestingly endure my idiocy. One of them is my best friend Ferijen.


I met her in our High School in the far far away land of Cavite, second day of first year. There I was doodling stuff on my notebook the girl beside me started debating with the girl in front of her, they wanted to know who was who in the Backstreet Boys because aside from Nick Carter, they did not know the others’ names. It was Ferijen and our other bestfriend Api who she was in elementary with. Me, being a nosy girl, offered the boys’ names and there started the friendship. Curiously, though, considering that BSB was the big thing back there, when we started picking who among the Backstreet Boys we liked, she wouldn’t pick anyone and told us that she would rather have Prince William of England.


I could almost say that I lived in their house during high school. It was one of the darkest years of my life and I spent half the time out of the house than in but instead of spending that time in the street doing God knows what, I spent it in her family’s house. The only thing left for me to do was to sleep there and I would be their adopted child.


I’m miles away from Cavite now but we still keep tabs on each other and every Christmas I go to her house (except for last year, it was famine in our household), which is really something considering the amount of people I’ve lost contact with (whether I intentionally or unintentionally lost contact with them does not matter).


If you’re wondering if there’s a point to this post, there is, I just write posts very confusingly…


Today is October 13, 2008, Ferijen’s Birthday… Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!! And because I can’t afford a real cake to send you, here’s picture of a cake with Prince William…,


Mmmm…yuuuum~ (Prince William, not the cake)


And… just because I know you like Sakura~


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I haven’t done Friendster in months; not since my Sempai quit working for us for greener pastures. I found it interesting before because I found almost all my classmates from high school in it, plus Friendster introduced me to blogging (Me when I started my first blog: Oh goodie!! A new means to rant and complain!)

But now, I don’t’ get it anymore. Friendster is supposed to let you make new friends or find people that you’ve been wanting to find (like old classmates), but when the new people I invite started getting boring for me, and all the people I’ve been wanting to find have already been found I started thinking ‘Now what?’

A friend of mine started hunting Philippine celebrities in Friendster. She’s a big fan of KC Concepcion and found a Friendster account in her name and insists that it’s her real one (The KC Concepcion’s Blog, though says that she does not have a Friendster Account.) and invited her. Then she found Jennilyn Mercardo, Heart Evangelista, and—I forgot her name, the girl from the StarStruck counterpart of ABSCBN, not Kimchi—Kim Chu—the first one~Erich-something… eh! I’ll insert later.

Don’t ask me though how she could tell that the latter ones are from the actual actresses because I don’t have any idea how she found them. Which brings us to a problem: how can you tell that you’ve invited the actual person you want to find and not just fueling an impersonator’s delusion?

And what’s disturbing is that not only celebrities are being impersonated (because that’s to be expected, they’re celebrities) but real people too. Here’s something funny. My sister, Grrr, is a Friendster addict. She’s online everyday and I don’t even know what she does there (I think she’s already befriended half the population of her school through friendster). Anyway, so there she was collecting people and profiles and whatnot when she suddenly stumbles on a profile with some of her pictures in it. She wondered if she had opened another profile in Friendster lately in that name (I think she has three… don’t ask me what she’s doing with three profiles.) and realized that she hadn’t. Apparently, someone had taken a liking to her appearance and stole some of her pictures and posted it on theirs. So as I laughed at her, Grrr fumingly sent message to the other person saying ‘Oy! Shame on you, you stole my pictures!’ or something to that effect only with a bit cussing involved.

If that other person, the one who had stolen Grrr’s pictures, had suddenly had a psychotic episode and sent a bulletin with mean dirty stuff in it with Grrr’s picture attached to it then it’d be Grrr’s problem. The people Grrr had already met and befriended with would think she had gone totally insane and would stop speaking to her and the pervs would start sending her foul messages and unless Grrr found a way to explain that it wasn’t her it would stay that way…

Well… it could happen… worst case scenario…

But really, at the very least it’s making Grrr angry because someone else is benefiting from her popularity… and she doesn’t know who to beat up outside the internet world for it.

If it could happen to Grrr, it could happen to you.

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My wallpaper:


Nianna of Vox made it and… I… stole it… from Arashi-World

I’m so sorry, it’s just it looks sooo cute. Now, everytime I open my computer I see them Arashi.

Anyway, Arashi-world has a lot of other people who do really good fanart if you’re interested…

…that’s all

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*sigh* I knew it was too good to be true, and there I was so excited having an internet connection at home right at my fingertips. To think that I even had my freaking slow computer reformatted to clear it of everything, sort of a new start (damn thing costed me 500 bucks!) for the internet connection…

So sorry, I’m not going to be raving about Arashi anytime soon probably.

What happened? The plain-looking dude from globe said their schedules are full for today and I’ll have to wait for 15 days for my installation… i.e. my application probably got denied… so much for my excitement. So my dad’s going to try PLDT, even though it seems like there are a lot of people who aren’t really happy with PLDT’s service. I could always try for SmartBro, it’s just that they say the connection cuts off when it’s windy or stormy or rainy.

Aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhh!! Now what am I supposed to do? Am I bound to be the slave of internet cafes forever?

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Ah~ my desire has finally beaten me… I give up… I totally surrender… Yes, telecoms, I will subscribe to your internet connection, fill my house with cables for all I care, JUST.GIVE.ME.ACCESS.TO.THE.INTERNET.


So, by the location of my subdivision (which is deep deep deep inside the forests of the barrios) I have four options: (1) PLDT DSL (2) Globe Broadband (3) SmartBro Wireless, and (4) that cable company that gives those satellite disk thingies.


The best among the four, I’m guessing, is the cable company whose name I cannot recall at the moment. One of our neighbors who also happen to be my dad’s officemate has it at home and says that his connection jumps to 3MB in a good day. But then again, before you can avail of the internet connection, you need to subscribe to cable first, which is a problem because, well, no one really watches TV at home because no one is usually at home.


Next is SmartBro Wireless. I wanted this one because I could bring it with me everywhere, but which would only make sense if I have a laptop, which I do not. I asked Grrr what she thought about this and she declared: “But then you’d bring the internet to the office and I wouldn’t be able to use it at home when you’re gone. I don’t like it.” Plus, computing the costs it’s about P20 an hour, the same amount I pay when I go internet in a shop— only it’d be slower.


So it’s a tie decision between PLDT DSL and Globe Broadband.


My office phone is PLDT so I tried inquiring through the phone about their Broadband fees:


Me: Let’s see, what’s the number of the local office? Ah, here it is:

Operator:    ‘Hello?’

Me: ‘Uh, is this PLDT?’

Operator: ‘Yes’

Me: ‘I’d like to inquire about the PLDT MyDSL Connection?’

Operator: ‘Could you drop by the office so we could explain it to you in person?’ ‘

Me: Can’t you just explain it here on the phone? I have work.’

Operator: ‘It’d be better if we can explain it to you in person.’

Me: ‘Well, okay, sure I’ll drop by. Thanks.’

Operator: Beep beep beep.


I was having a fairly good day so I ignored the lady who dropped the line on me and went to their office. When I got there, the guard gave me a number and when it was called the guy who “entertained” me gave me a brochure and asked me to read it and said that all I need to know is in the brochure. 


…So, I chose Globe Broadband.


What? Hey, if that’s how they treat people who inquire for their services, do you think they’ll be any different to their subscribers? Okay, so let’s assume that the lady who answered me had PMS that day, and the guy who was at the customer service was tired and sleepy; so every time she answers and she happens to have PMS or every time he’s sleepy she or he will be rude.


Besides, I sort of looked through the internet for other people who subscribed to PLDT and Globe to help decide and found that a lot of people are having problems with PLDT and prefers Globe. Most of their problems rely on poor customer care, and they all state that PLDT connection is always down.


Anyway, the dude I spoke to with Globe Broadband was smooth… kinda plain looking, but smooth. They have this promo where you can avail of a computer if you subscribe to them and I was a bit interested in that but I’m scared of a lawsuit in case I couldn’t pay. Besides, I know nada about computers so I wouldn’t know if I’m being duped. So I only subscribed to an internet connection. Since I was only originally inquiring I haven’t asked my dad for permission to fill his house with internet cables so I told dude so and he said if I could only fill the form and pass the requirements, he’ll hold the application and I’ll only need to send him a text message to confirm and he’ll have the connection installed. No installation fee. So I filled the form, gave the requirements and said Go.


Wow, it’s that easy? Why the hell did I not do this before?

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