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I am by no means giving up Arashi as my main source of sanity, I only added another one. It’s not like I’m the only one, I mean, a lot of people are doing facebook these days, i found most of my high school classmates in it. But I guess it’s only strange for me because I do facebook because of the games. 😀
Hey, petville, and restaurant city, and cafe world, and all those other nice games are very entertaining… anyway if you play them too leave your name, I’ll find you :DDDDD


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The moment it struck 12 on new year’s eve I thought, I need a new job, which is weird because my dad had been badgering me to get a new job for about two years. I guess the reality has finally caught up with me. There is no progress in my current job and I need more.

So I thought, hey, since we’re going wild let’s look for a job abroad! Away from everything we’ve been living with! And luckily there was this banner near my workplace about some Language Center looking for Factory Workers in Korea. Hmmm… Korea, I luv Korea! It’s not Japan but I can live in Korea. ‘Course I thought it was strange that a Language Center would be recruiting workers but what the hey!

The day before the Orientation for the Korea job, I decided to look into the POEA website and check the Language Center for its license… it had none. It was only licensed by TESDA to teach Korean but no recruiting. There also isn’t any Factory Worker jobs listed in the POEA database. Crap! There goes my plan. Edit: also apparently, you need to be able to SPEAK korean in order to get a job in Korea, hence the language school’s chutzpah to hold an orientation for future korean workers.

I guess I need to try that Call Center job my aunts and well, practically everyone, has been telling me to apply to. The only problem is that I can’t speak English. I can write well, but speaking is something else.


Anyways… Akimashite Omedetou Gozaimasu mina!

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