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On January 29, 2010, Tokyograph reported:

NTV has confirmed that popular group Arashi will have a new prime time show starting this spring. Tentatively titled “Arashi ni Shiyagare,” the show will occupy the Saturday 10:00pm time slot left open by “Enta no Kamisama,” which is ending in March.

The program is described as an improvised entertainment variety show. Each episode will feature a guest celebrity, but the members of Arashi will not be told in advance who the guest is nor what the guest will be doing on the show.

It appears that the main segment of the show will have a different guest each week to teach the Arashi members an entertainment skill in various fields, including comedy, rakugo, and kabuki. Called “The Set,” this segment will take place on various “sets,” such as a theater or kabuki stage.

“Arashi ni Shiyagare” premieres in April. Arashi already hosts two other shows during prime time.

NTV announced that the final episode will air on March 22. (Tokyograph 02-06-2010)


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MAGAZINE FRIDAY says Aiba is datig Asami Mizukawa. Apparently, she was seen visiting his apartment several times.


What is it already? Is she dating, Nino, Sho,  Aiba or all of them?

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