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Some demon must’ve possessed me last week. It’s the only explanation. I dunno what happened, one minute I was browsing through sites, looking for new arashi videos I could download, and the next… I had signed up myself with five penpal communities.

Bonkers! I must be completely bonkers! I can’t have penpals! I don’t even know how to write letters to my own friends, much more to people I haven’t met!

But… so far so good. I have about four snail mail penpals and one email penpal. I think I’m doing well with the email one… The only problem is that I get impatient when I don’t have new mail. The snail mail ones… I still haven’t written a single letter to any of them… I better get started this weekend.

On a different note, Nino-chan and Nagasawa Masami broke up? Yes… again. And rumors say it’s because Nino cheated… with who i wonder?


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