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First, something unrelated to the post. My sister opened her own blog: Tanya Natazsha.

And now, onto the post!!

About three or four years ago, a sempai of mine introduced me to The Sims, the first one where the people or “sims” never age. It’s a great game, but more than controlling the sims, i liked making the houses.

And then I discovered The Sims 2. It had better graphics, nicer furni, and the sims actually grow older and propagate. Back then there was only the base game, the nightlife expansion and the university expansion. A month after i started playing The Sims 2, I decided to stop. I stopped because I got so addicted to it, i started dreaming of my sims.

Three years later, and here I am again, playing Sims 2 (I would play The Sims 3 I have a feeling my ratty computer would explode if I tried to play it). I blame Jung Yong Hwa,  Seo Joo-Hyun and the show We Got Married. During some episodes the Build/Buy Mode (mode where you build/buy houses/furnitures, duh) would play that I would just craaaave playing it. Eventually I just gave up fighting it and bought new installers for the game, and not just the base game either. Now I’ve got all the expansion packs and stuff packs (I need the Ikea Stuff pack. The one I bought won’t work.)

So now my waking hours are divided into three, playing with my nephew (Kitty gave birth last September 18. How horrible izzit that my youngest sister get to have babies before me -_-“), trying to finish that damn story i promised my friends in Cavite, and playing The Sims 2 or downloading custom items/clothes/etc for it… but mostly playing Sims 2.

The point of this post? Nothing. Just wanted to say I’m playing The Sims 2.


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