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The last time I posted something was around 2 to 3 years ago and that was when i was net-stalking Arashi. I’m still a fan, don’t get me wrong, but I find myself tired of joining locked lj communities just to download and watch subbed episodes. Suffice it to say, i won’t be posting much of Arashi anymore.

The reason why I’ve decided to start posting again in this blog is because i wanted to rant about the books i’ve been reading. I’m supposed to be reading Game of Thrones, which i finally found on floating in torrent world, but i got hooked in erotic-romance books. I blame J.Kenner and her Stark trilogy. I haven’t been able to stop looking for and reading erotic-romance books ever since i finished those damn books.

This isn’t the first time i got hooked on romance novels. In highschool i used to read the Tagalog ones, though now i get irritated when i try to because of the english grammar mistakes (grammatical mistakes? Grammar? Great, now i’m confused). I mean, seriously, don’t published writers have editors to check these simple mistakes in grammar? It’s so irritating when you read about a rich and handsome dude who can’t speak proper english because the editors are too lazy to correct them.

Anyhoo, I’ll start any daw now. I’ll probably post a reading list first and if anyone actually stumbles into this post who’s looking for e-books, leave a comment and I’ll see if i have a copy to send you.

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