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Short post… i’m dizzy…


I haven’t posted for a while now. But then again, it’s not like i have permanent readers so I guess it doesn’t matter. But today is Ohno’s Birthday so I thought I should give a shout out:

Oh and here’s a funny video that Kazugieyo of YouTube made: Captain Riida to the tune of Captain Planet!

-Sleepless Nights and Boats-

I haven’t slept properly for four days now. I come home from work at 7pm I sleep until 11 and I stay awake until the AM when it’s time to go to work again. I discovered the Mago Mago Arashi Rowing Club Episodes, you see, and I haven’t stopped downloading since… I still have 4 episodes to go. It’s like watching a tv series, I just need to know what happens next or I won’t be able to sleep, like now. This sort of explains why my head hasn’t been working properly these days…

-Death and Travel-

My friend, Ferijen, sent me a text message this morning. She said our friend, Api’s, father died yesterday and asked if I could go there on Sunday for the funeral…

Condolences to you and your family, Api. Hope you get over it soon. I sound insensitive the way I say it but I don’t know however else I can say it. I lost my mom too, and I know it’s best to move on as fast as you could or it’ll muddle your head.

… Don’t listen to me.


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Open Sesame

I got locked out again last night. I got busy downloading Shukudai-kun and Utaban episodes that I didn’t notice the time. I don’t get it anyway; why do I have to come home early? It’s not like I have money for me to be hold-upped, I’m not afraid to die either in fact I welcome it (which is probably why Death is scared of me, I’m constantly chasing him), and there’s nothing to do at home anyway, so what’s the rush?


But at least it wasn’t barrel-bolted. My sister, Grrr, can’t open that one so we both get frustrated. The deadbolt was locked but I have a key so I got in easy.


The sad part. I spent two hours downloading 12 files (four episodes, two shukudai-kun and two utaban); only four of them worked (part one of the shukudai-kun episodes, the rest don’t work, and the utabans)… I have to download them again. I hope I don’t get locked out this time.



Client came this morning and wanted a document saying her parents are giving their consent for her to get married. Pretty girl, petite, cream colored skin, nice on the eyes, 19 years old and getting married.


I thought she was pregnant or that her parents caught her doing it (Strange custom: parents know very well their child is having sex yet when they caught them on act they feign surprise and then force their child to get married.  It’s like saying, “You can have sex, just don’t let us know.”) Then I found out who she was marrying: man with foreign sounding surname, living in the U.S., age: 41. Three guesses why she wants to marry.


Poor child. 19 years old and marrying a man who’s probably only a few years younger if not as old as her father. To her credit, it doesn’t seem like she was being forced into it. Maybe it’s an arrangement or something, you know, like marry for a week, get green card then divorce right after. Or maybe he’s gorgeous, I mean, if I was 19 and a forty year old Ohno Satoshi asked me to marry him I wouldn’t say no. How about love you say? Ha! I’m sorry but I find it hard to believe that a pretty girl like that would fall in love with a 41 year old man when there are plenty of young boys her age for her to fall in sane love with.


… I’m so awful at ending posts…

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