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Meet Friday

There are four of us in my family, not counting my mom who God called away years ago and my dad’s children with his mistress. So, there’s my dad, Grrr, me, and our other sister Friday.Friday lives in Manila, we live in Pampanga. Due to certain similarities in character, my dad and Friday could not live with each other. They like two north poles of magnets, doomed to perpetually push each other away. That’s why Friday is in Manila and not with us. It’s not like we didn’t try but there’s really nothing we can do.

We sent Friday to our aunt’s house in Manila after she pulled a stunt that had added to my countless sleepless nights. But now apparently, she’s done it again. She moved out of our aunt’s house to God knows where.

Grrr told me Friday is in some boarding house somewhere near her school. Grrr speaks with Friday all the time, as they’re clanmates (celphone clan… don’t ask me to explain) so I think she’s fine. I suppose I should make sure, except that I already know what Friday is going to tell me—she needs money, which I don’t have and can’t give her.

If only Friday lived with us, it would be easy. Free rent, I split the electric bill with dad, our water bill is almost nothing, and food is easy to get. The only problem is that Dad-Sama and Friday cannot possibly co-exist in one small area. If Friday moved back, only two things may happen (1) they kill each other, or (2) I go nuts-o and poison everyone in the house. Tethering in the precipice of my sanity as I am, I don’t really need anymore aggravation. The problems that I cause on my own are destructive enough.

Selfish, aren’t I? But it’s not like we haven’t tried. Friday went home last Christmas vacation and I almost hung myself from the stairs. That day I wanted to grab a knife from the kitchen and kill everyone and the fear I felt for feeling that way was worse. I don’t need the same feeling again.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to find a way to tell dad. I haven’t told him, he’s kind of sick. So first, I’ll need cash for Friday. So the ‘Back to School’ plans I had have come to nothing. I may need a part-time job.

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