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Say Cheese!!

Like being scared? Try this game: Fatal Frame. So far I’ve only played the third “Fatal Frame: The Tormented” (Zero: Shisei no Koe) but I’m scrounging out the first and second to see how scary it is.


The lead in “Fatal Frame: The Tormented” is Rei Kurosawa (23) is a photographer who’s just lost her boyfriend, Yuu, in a car accident that was her fault. After a photography session in an apparently “haunted” location, Rei started getting recurrent dreams of the mansion she had just been in: “Manor of Sleep”.


Legends tell that the Manor of Sleep was a Shrine for people to offer up their pain which involves a ritual where Shrine Maidens impailed their priestess to the ground. The Manor also appear to be the home of trapped ghosts or souls of people who have lost someone dearly and feeling guilty for their death. Of course, there is more to this plot but you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.


On the… second (?)… night (Hour I), which sort of serves as the tutorial, Rei wakes up(?) inside the Manor. She stumbles upon a few ghosts and one of them hands her a battered old camera called a “Camera Obscura” which can supposedly capture ghosts on film. This camera will serve as her weapon as the only way to get rid of violent ghosts is to capture them in film and possibly give them full blast of the camera’s power, a Fatal Frame. After her first fight right after receiving the camera as if the game is trying to test if it really works, and a cutscene involving a lady repeatedly saying it wasn’t her fault that she survived and a tatooed floating lady who’ll chase Rei through the hallway, she wakes up in her own bed feeling pain as a shadow of a tatoo appears on her shoulder.


And so the restless nights begin.


After a few more Chapters or Hours, you’ll also get to control Miku Hinasaki, Rei’s assistant and hero of the first Fatal Frame; and Kei Amakura, the uncle of Mio and Mayu Amakura, the leads in the second Fatal Frame: “Crimson Butterfly”. Each character you get to control has different abilities (Miku can slow down ghosts with her camera and Kei can… hide.)


I, having absolutely no experience in this kind of game before, did not know what to do when I started it. I knew I needed to get them ghosts in film but on my first few tries I got stuck on the third hour and ended up going around and around the Manor not knowing what to do and made myself dizzy. So, I figured I needed a walkthrough if I wanted to finish the game. Apparently, my mistake was that I did not know that in order to trigger certain events, I needed to take pictures of certain places and objects too, not just the ghosts. But with the walkthrough I got through it fine.


Having the walkthrough, though, does not lessen the creepiness of the game. The walkthrough is not the one controlling Rei or Miku or Kei, it’s you and you are the one who’ll have to make them take those damn pictures as the ghosts swipe at you. It’s like playing a part in a movie and you’re controlling the lead; you know what’ll happen, except when it does your reaction isn’t quite as calm as you expected it to be.


The fun in my playing is that I have Grr to watch me as I play which meant there was always someone screaming along with me when a ghost suddenly materialize out of nowhere. And somehow we always got to play it at night.


Need more description to imagine the game? Watch Himitsu no Arashi-chan episode 23. You know the part when Sho and Aiba were trying to open that damn lock and there was a barrage of ghosts crawling on the floor towards them, like that; only you’re controlling them leads.



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