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Amusing myself~

It’s 1:10PM and I’m in the middle of the city in a deathly cold net-cafe (seriously, I’m freezing even though I’m already wearing a jacket) and waiting for my downloads to finish… the last one will finish in 16 minutes (yey!) but still 16 minutes is still a lot of time. I’m currently expriencing Arashi overload because of the last Ohno scandal and I’ve come to the realization that too much Arashi is bad for my health or at least my sanity and to preserve it I will stop writing about Arashi or searching for them for a while and amuse myself with other stuff, like anime (see previous post about Haruhi) and ghost stories.

I had an “occult phase” when I was in high school. That was when I was obsessed with witches and spells and ghosts and other stuff; and then I went to college and found out that the witches in the Salem witch hunts weren’t really witches and that the inquisitions were actually means for the church to keep their power over religion in check and served as a reason for various sadists reasons to torture women. But ghosts, I still like. I like being scared, it’s fun.

~wait… downloads are having a tantrum, need to fix first~ Fixed. Continue…

So every now and then I look for new ghosts sites to read from. The latest I’ve found is this: New Moon at O’Neill’s Ghostories. There are personal accounts of various people about their experiences. I haven’t read a lot of the stories yet so~ ah, downloads complete. Bye-ni!!

EDIT: Eh?! Just read some stories. Never mind the link, most weren’t even scary~


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