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Finally, I got to watch the Himitsu no Arashi episode of Hana Yori MatsuJun (episode 9)!! Thanks to Icecola of WordPress and xxakanishixx of YouTube. Brilliant mode of promotion for Hana Yori Dango Final not to mention hilarious because Jun (probably) didn’t have any idea what was happening.


If you’ve been looking for a translation of the episode try jliann’s LJ page: “Because I couldn’t help it…XD” for part one, and “Every Idol needs a fan like Ooshima” for part two.


I saw Ooshima-san on a Shukudai-kun episode where she sumo-wrestled one of her groupmates (Morisanchuu, I think is their group’s name?) and ended up showing her butt to everyone. Even then she already said she was a big fan of Jun (even to the point of threatening her group of physical harm if they so much as touch him); but seeing just how much of a fan she is, is amazing. I mean, she even has a scrapbook full of magazine clippings etc of Jun and Arashi… and concert tickets with her name on it… gosh, she reminds me of me in high school when I was still gaga over the Backstreet Boys… it’s embarrasing but I still have the huge scrapbook in one of the dusty boxes at home. It’s just a shme that the only time BSB cme to the the Phils was when I was in elementary and my hormones haven’t kicked in yet.


Anyway, the only vid for the actual Himitsu show is “unembeddable” so I can’t give you a link. But part of Jun and Ooshima’s date was kindly uploaded by miihchan of YouTube… here ya go!! (for partial translation of HnA see aatash of LiveJournal’s page: Utaban & HnA.)


Part 1 of episode… warning, though, it has nothing to do with MatsuJun’s date: (these ladies scare me… really)



Part 2 of episode: Jun’s date starts at 7:02:


Part 3:



Part 4:



And that hilarious ending!!:



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First heard about this Himitsu no Arashi-chan episode from LiveJournal’s aatash who translates a lot of Arashi stuff for us non-Japanese speaking folks. This was aired on June 8, I think, where Ohno and Sakurai explores the wonders of Baby-Sitting. I found the vids in YouTube…

~Ohno and Sakurai’s part start at 03:02. It’s so cute how Ohno doesn’t seem to know how to hold the kid

~I would sleep early too if Sakurai put me to sleep like that… Ohno, sleeping on the job!!

~and as Aatash pointed out… the kid did touch Ohno’s crotch (/lolz) but it didn’t seem like he noticed (see 01:47~talagang alam pati oras eh noh?)…

Sakurai is so ready for fatherhood, I swear. ^ ^

For the non-Japanese speaking folks like me (/heh) here’s aatash’s review/summarization of this episode: CLICK!

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