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After a loooong wait… finally! my internet is here!!


Before anything else I’d like to say a huge “thank you”  to the PLDT dude who was our contact in PLDT for making me wait 3 weeks when your office told us my connection was approved and ready for installation two weeks ago. Really dude, thank you, you made the pain of waiting even more unbearable by unnecessarily prolonging it…

Anyway, back to the ‘kya~’.

Finally, the days of sitting in an internet shop frothing at the mouth wishing I had more time and money to go to netcafes are over and done with. I could surf at the comfort of my own home. I could blog anytime of the day I want (unless I’m at work). I could download every subbed-Arashi video existing in yuckie-chan’s LJ and not worry about pissing my dad because I come home late. I can explore every possible horizon in being a fangirl of a boyband that is in a different country. Plus I don’t need to buy DVD’s anymore because the movies I want can be found in any streaming site, psyched!!

You know the first thing I did after finding out the connection was already installed in our house, aside from wrestling my sister away from the computer? Watch Pikanchi Life is Happy dakedo Hard on Crunchyroll. That movie is crack! Then after we watch the part 2 Pikanchi DOUBLE Life is Happy dakara Hard. Now I’m waiting for Boku Wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru to stop buffering. My sister, Grr, doesn’t want to watch it because it features incest between twins but whatever, Jun is in it and I’m going to watch every Arashi movie existing (If i can find each and every one of them). I’ll make a proper review when I get down from Cloud 9…

Sorry, my head is still swimming, I still so excited!! I don’t care if my friends are saying my world is going to get smaller by shutting myself in the house with the computer all day, for me it just got wider. Think of all the internet sites available, the information to be gathered! That sounds so geeky doesn’t it?

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I am online every night (P.I. time, duh!), in the morning my sister owns the computer. Hehe! Find me!


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I’ve always known that I can’t write in Tagalog (Filipino language, duh!). But still every time I find proof of this I get surprised. This morning, a client came by and I had to compose something in Tagalog and found myself wanting to hit my head on the wall for not knowing the Tagalog translation for “irreconcilable differences.” When I had the document checked, my sentence construction looked so confused that BigBoss actually asked me why I didn’t compose it in English, which would be easier (Ms.Client specifically said she needed one in Tagalog).


I’m not saying that my English writing or speaking is good. I’m only saying that my Tagalog is worse. I can speak it, but write in it? No. This is probably because when I was young my dad had put so much importance on learning English than Tagalog that I actually forwent learning Tagalog. (We weren’t allowed to watch Tagalog shows at night when my dad was home. My dad’s maxim being “You already know how to speak Tagalog, you should learn how to speak English”)


On the contrary, I can’t speak shit in English. I can write in it, but speak? No. Public speaking is not my forte. Most of the problem lies with my diction; I get embarrassed when I can’t say a word with the proper pronunciation. And then there’s the issue of finding the right words. When someone addresses me vocally in English, my brain shuts down and the English words fail to come.


Yet I love language. Its fun knowing words other people of other countries speak regularly. Right now, I’m thinking of learning Japanese. I don’t know what I’ll do with it because I can’t teach (No patience) and I can’t be a translator (I’ll panic) but I still want to learn it. Who knows maybe I’ll get to go to Japan someday, you know, to visit one of those places they feature in that show Japan Video Topics in Ch 13 (is it weird that me and my sister actually enjoy watching that show?) and then maybe I’ll meet Arashi, then I’ll know what to say!! You see where my infatuation with Arashi is taking me?


Anyway, maybe I’ll enroll in some language school next semester. Right now, money is going into my laptop fund. Yes, I’m buying a laptop, and then the internet connection in my house will follow. And then I’ll conquer the world, ha ha ha!!

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Every weekend I re-discover the fact that I cannot live a single day without connecting once on the internet; even just to look at the Yahoo main page. Last weekend, I was shaking, frothing at the mouth, experiencing the usual withdrawal symptoms; and the fact that Grrr was chanting for us to travel 10kms to the nearest ‘fast’ internet café was not helping.


Unfortunately, the electric bill was due last week and I need to pay it now not to mention my car, Yukina’s, battery is dying and needs replacement. I could connect here at the office except my cp’s connection is sloo~oow and I couldn’t really download anything so it beats the purpose.


I figured there are only two options, move out of our house into an apartment or a room near the computer shop so I wouldn’t worry about coming home late or travel far just to connect, or get an internet connection set up in our house.


I can’t move out. Why? Uh, I don’t pay rent at my dad’s house, that’s why. So the only option left is to subscribe to an internet connection fast enough for my attention-deficit needs. This is not an easy decision, which why I need help. I’ve listed a few Pros and Cons to help with this decision…




1. I won’t need to get out of the house to surf the net.


          If I’m already home, I won’t need to travel far just to get my Arashi fix or anything I need in the internet. I could download the Perfect World game in my computer and play at home. It would spare me the traveling expenses.


2. My sister, Grrr, would come home early so she could beat me to the computer.


          Only an oldest child of a family with more than two siblings would understand this. Whenever I come home and don’t find my sister home, I hyperventilate and several evil thoughts enter my head. Maybe she’s in an accident, got kidnapped, stranded! Good God, where is she?!? And so on and so forth.


3. At more or less P15 an hour, it’s cheaper.


          I spend at least three hours in the net café surfing and fixing my blog or playing MMO games. At P20~ average that’s P60~ a day. With a connection at home, I could surf more for less.


4. My dad won’t bug me by locking me out of the house when I come home late from the net café.


          I need my 3 hours of internet surfing, that, or I go crazy. I come out of work at 5 and the surfing ends at 8PM minimum, plus one hour travel time, I get home at about 9~10 in the evening; sometimes 11PM. There are days when my dad lets my coming home late slide but there are days that he doesn’t.  So sometimes I come home to a quiet house, my dad’s room closed with my dad sleeping peacefully inside and my sister Grrr Group Messaging her friends non-stop on the couch and there are days when I come home with the front door locked from the inside with Grrr tired from hours of trying to open it.




1. I won’t need to get out of the house to surf the net.


          There are days when you just need an excuse to get out of the house, away from your family, and the internet is the most convenient excuse.


2. My sister, Grrr, and my dad would come home early so they could beat me to the computer.


          Imagine one computer with three internet addicts. Ah, this could get ugly.


3. I’ll get a monthly bill for the net use.


          Whenever I see an internet ready computer with all that information on the web only a click away, I go nuts. I don’t care if there’s a minimum hour restriction or I pay extra, I just need to see the internet. I’d probably be spending a lot.


4. I won’t be able to sleep.


          See Cons#3. They would need a crowbar, the personal appearance of Arashi at my door, and several strong men, to get me away from the computer.



Aaaaargh!! Help me!!

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