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The day before yesterday, I went surfing for Arashi stuff in You Tube. A not so easy feat for me because I don’t speak Japanese let alone WRITE in it. I finally found the Himitsu no Arashichan vid of HanaYori MatsuJun; you know, the episode where they had four old lady fans of MatsuJun fight each other so they could have a date with him. I’ve only “read” the translation of it and I was excited to finally be able to watch it. Unfortunately, it was already late and my dad would probably lock me out again if I stay out for so long. So, I favorite-ed the vid in the hopes of getting to watch it the next day.


But yesterday, as excited as I was, I checked my favorite list and – and it was gone. The account of the dude who uploaded the vid had been suspended. Aaaaarrrrgh!! Where the hell am I supposed to watch it now?!? So yesterday, pissed as I was, I logged off YouTube and went to Crunchyroll instead to look for Arashi stuff there (Found Shukudaikun episodes—ah, those uploads saved my sanity!!)[icecola commented on my Poor Prince Monogatari to use KeyHoleTv to watch Arashi shows. She has a detailed instruction to upload and set up KeyHoleTV here if you want to read it. But my pc at home resembles a huge paperweight, it has no internet, so no KeyHoleTv… my life sucks.)


I know that it’s wrong to upload vids that aren’t technically yours but then if no one did, where the hell do we non-Japanese people get to see Arashi? Or other JE stars? I work too so even if I did get KeyHoleTV or cable with a Japanese TBS channel in it I wouldn’t be able to see it; and even if I did get to see it, I don’t speak Japanese so I won’t be able to understand it and most of the uploads I see in the internet have subs so it really does me a lot.


It’s a weak argument, I know. But still— the internet is one of the my only few sources of happiness, if it doesn’t have Arashi, then it’s like observing a rainbow without the colors.

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