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The title is long but basically this is just an MC Part of Arashi’s Tokyo Dome Concert. Nino said that the Combi Teller did not give him his 2yen change and asked the others what they would do in that situation.

It’s so funny, mite kudasai!


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This is Nino videoing Ohno while inside their hotel before a performance. There are bottles of champagne in the fridge, a falling water lagoon thing inside the room, a huge bed and plazma tv with the bath tub completely in view from the bed, an egg like toilet and more… I love watching backstage videos… even though they’re not subbed. Does anyone know any subbed copies of this video or where it was filmed or something?
BTW. Remember when Himitsu no Arashi-chan was being promoted, they had that poster with zippered pants and secrets inside? Has anyone found out what was there?

Wyrd’s World : Nanowrimo


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For those of my fellow pitiful creatures who have been unfortunately spared of the gloriousness Hana Yori Dango Final because they don’t live in Japan and most of their countrymen don’t know of Arashi, celebrate! Because Hana Yori Dango Final is finally available on streaming… and the best part for us is: it’s subtitled!

Follow the link to Dramacrazy.net. It’s not DVD copy, of course, but its better than nothing.

Everybody now, Kyaaaaaa~!!

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A bit late, i suppoose… but the Complete version of the Beautiful Days PV is now available on You Tube…

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After a loooong wait… finally! my internet is here!!


Before anything else I’d like to say a huge “thank you”  to the PLDT dude who was our contact in PLDT for making me wait 3 weeks when your office told us my connection was approved and ready for installation two weeks ago. Really dude, thank you, you made the pain of waiting even more unbearable by unnecessarily prolonging it…

Anyway, back to the ‘kya~’.

Finally, the days of sitting in an internet shop frothing at the mouth wishing I had more time and money to go to netcafes are over and done with. I could surf at the comfort of my own home. I could blog anytime of the day I want (unless I’m at work). I could download every subbed-Arashi video existing in yuckie-chan’s LJ and not worry about pissing my dad because I come home late. I can explore every possible horizon in being a fangirl of a boyband that is in a different country. Plus I don’t need to buy DVD’s anymore because the movies I want can be found in any streaming site, psyched!!

You know the first thing I did after finding out the connection was already installed in our house, aside from wrestling my sister away from the computer? Watch Pikanchi Life is Happy dakedo Hard on Crunchyroll. That movie is crack! Then after we watch the part 2 Pikanchi DOUBLE Life is Happy dakara Hard. Now I’m waiting for Boku Wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru to stop buffering. My sister, Grr, doesn’t want to watch it because it features incest between twins but whatever, Jun is in it and I’m going to watch every Arashi movie existing (If i can find each and every one of them). I’ll make a proper review when I get down from Cloud 9…

Sorry, my head is still swimming, I still so excited!! I don’t care if my friends are saying my world is going to get smaller by shutting myself in the house with the computer all day, for me it just got wider. Think of all the internet sites available, the information to be gathered! That sounds so geeky doesn’t it?

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets
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I am online every night (P.I. time, duh!), in the morning my sister owns the computer. Hehe! Find me!

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Oh, wait… this is Arashi~ the Truth Music Video is out!!

Brought to you by YouTube’s kazenomukoue.

Let me rant about this song and video for a bit. Since MCR came out I’ve been EMO. It’s only been about four months that I’ve reverted back to POP and its only because its Arashi. And now this song and video. I can’t even express how much I love this one~ I’m seriously flipping. I never really thought Arashi could pull off EMO but they did. Arashi + EMO = Daisuke!!

In case you can’t play the above video here’s a .gif I stole from shaneen of LJ~ took it because Ohno just moves so~ I can’t even describe it: super thin but still so hot!!

shaneen has loads more .gifs of the Truth PV come visit her post. and if you want to get a copy of the PV you can try LJ community Arashi_On, I think they have it.




I had nothing to do this morning so I took a picture of my confusing looking workspace:

and the five things that I never  leave the house without, with the exception of money and house keys and my bag where I put them all, of course.

1. My MP4: I’m anti-social and the best way to keep people away is to carry an MP4 player and headsets.

2. Flashdisk: where else will I store the files I get from the internet?

3. Celphone: in case of SOS from home.

4. A book, any book: same reason as number 1, when you read people stay away. Plus it’s a nice way to occupy time when you’re stuck in traffic or have a long commute like me.

5. Chapstick: not lipgloss, just regular un-shiny ones… I just need to have one with me all the time.

What are yours?

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Along with my conviction to lessen the food that I ingest was my decision to massively lessen the amount of Arashi that I intake everyday as my already lessening concentration is suffering. But, yappari, it’s impossible. I’ve surrounded myself with too much of Arashi to avoid them now.


Just after I’ve posted the previous one saying that I’m on an Arashi diet, I came home and found my sister Grrr and, unbelievably, my dad, who hates watching anything subtitled, watching Yamada Tarou in the living room (The next day, Sakura Sake was blasting throughout the house.) My dad seemed to find it really funny that the Yamada family would rather win a large watermelon than a DVD player (Episode 5?); proof that I come from an incredibly materialistic family. The time that my dad had been glimpsing at the computer when Grr and I watch Shukudai and Odoroki on it has been increasing too. He doesn’t know their names and the only person he knows at least by face is Ohno who he refers to as “the one with the dead taste buds”.


My sister kept bugging me to find that song in Hana Yori Dango the one sung by a girl that starts with “Arigatou~something.” Apparently she has a classmate who’s insane about Jun and Hana Yori Dango and she wanted to boast about having the song… but I haven’t found it; I don’t even know the title.


In the office, I could at least avoid seeing Arashi yet sometimes it just gets so boring that I couldn’t help but watch the videos that I had left there to pass the time.


Sigh~ I suppose it’s easier to surrender and not resist.’


Anyway, I don’t know if anyone had noticed this but I was watching Arashi no Shukudai Episode 88 yesterday and noticed this:



See Ohmiya at the bottom right side? How Ohno’s head rests oh so nicely on Nino’s? I had to rewind and watch it twice just to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me~ I love these boys.

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