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Short post… i’m dizzy…


I haven’t posted for a while now. But then again, it’s not like i have permanent readers so I guess it doesn’t matter. But today is Ohno’s Birthday so I thought I should give a shout out:

Oh and here’s a funny video that Kazugieyo of YouTube made: Captain Riida to the tune of Captain Planet!

-Sleepless Nights and Boats-

I haven’t slept properly for four days now. I come home from work at 7pm I sleep until 11 and I stay awake until the AM when it’s time to go to work again. I discovered the Mago Mago Arashi Rowing Club Episodes, you see, and I haven’t stopped downloading since… I still have 4 episodes to go. It’s like watching a tv series, I just need to know what happens next or I won’t be able to sleep, like now. This sort of explains why my head hasn’t been working properly these days…

-Death and Travel-

My friend, Ferijen, sent me a text message this morning. She said our friend, Api’s, father died yesterday and asked if I could go there on Sunday for the funeral…

Condolences to you and your family, Api. Hope you get over it soon. I sound insensitive the way I say it but I don’t know however else I can say it. I lost my mom too, and I know it’s best to move on as fast as you could or it’ll muddle your head.

… Don’t listen to me.

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