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Happy news: So Ohno’s out of the red, according to aeslis (posted on arashi_on@lj):

Tonight around 8pm I got a text from the Arashi email office with a regular update on activities. There was a confirmation of Truth/Kimi no Mukou e set to release on 8/20, with a confirmation of Kimi no Mukou e being the Olympic song and a mention of Truth being the opener for “Ohno Satoshi’s drama”.

And Vox’s MatsuJunkie posted an entry pointing out several parts of the pics with the girls proving that they have been tampered.

The world is still turning… however!! A quick refresh at fybabe’s blog and this popped update popped out:

ohno denied to smoking pot but admitted to 3p.

je went to calm down the major tv stations, newpapers instantly.

je adamantly refused any sort of coverage/interviews for nino/toma’s coming dorama to be showcased in gendai.

but the biggest bang to kodanshi was je to cancel all the yearly je calendar publishing rights with them, which brought in around 200million yen a year.

they claimed the person responsible for mag publications in je died suddenly O.o this had a huge impact in je…

…Ohno admits the 3P~

~hurt me more, why don’t you?

…is it weird that despite the pictures (though fake), i still can’t imagine Ohno doing 3P?

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Despite having received the link for the Episode 3 of Maou two days ago, I only got to watch it yesterday. Grrr watches Maou now, mostly because of Toma Ikuta. I told her about the ratings of Maou (1st episode: 14%; 2nd episode: 12.6; and 3rd: 9.2%) and she’s not surprised… and frankly, I’m not either.

Now, this might incur the wrath of my co-Arashi and Ikuta fans (note: I love them both) but please let’s face the facts: Maou isn’t really that interesting (gomen! gomen! Honto gomen!!).

Our reasons:

1. I don’t know how they do it but every scene feels like it’s rushed but it also feels like nothing is happening at the same time. It’s always Toma running, Ohno walking, Toma screaming, Ohno in the darkroom (repeat).

2. Toma is too hysterical and he’s always running (he doesn’t own a car?). Grrr pointed out that Toma is perfect for comedy doramas but he looks so confused when portraying serious type characters. ~But then I liked the way he acted at that scene outside Shiori’s house when he was crying over his friend’s death (makes you want to fly to Japan and squeeze him and tell him everything’s alright).

3. Ohno is everywhere yet he moves so slooooow. Although I love how Ohno manages to convey the hatred and sadness and lately guilt that he’s supposed to have just by his facial expressions, I don’t like that he moves like a statue on wheels. A little less on the stiffness would be nice.

4. Grrr pointed out that Kobayashi Ryoko looks like a turtle, I noticed that she walks with her armpits glued to her sides, and both of think she looks annoying but that’s just us being sourgrapes for seeing her with Ohno and Toma. In truth, she’s pretty but unlike the Korean Mawang (I only watched the first episode) she doesn’t exactly glow. Sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it: it’s just that she doesn’t glow, the Korean actress does but she doesn’t.

5. Grrr and I have already guessed how the freaking thing would end, in just after three episodes. Doesn’t exactly make you want to stick to the series if you’re in for the plot.

As much as I don’t like seeing Ohno’s first dorama fail so miserably (he’s my ichiban and all), I understand the reason why. It’s just not interesting enough.


I’ve discovered how I could wake myself successfully early in the morning: I used Ohno’s AU CM song as my alarm tone. Everytime I hear Ohno’s voice I jolt awake wondering where it is. Perfect!!

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Title’s self explanatory, don’t cha think? Anyway, grabbed these links from icecola  (I’m a lazy ass, sorry!) so be sure to thank her for them…

Maou episode 2:

Softsubs, font sets, hardsubs available for download
Free plugging: Every subbers has some few rules we should read and follow


Softsubs (synched with raw at d-addicts)

stormy team sub@lj

Hardsubs only for those who has trouble using softsubs (1280×720 HQ!)

Maou episode 3: no downloads yet available but you can watch it on streaming::

Part 1: http://fourlc.com/channel1/5/08xb/20080718_2205.html
Part 2: http://fourlc.com/channel1/5/08xb/20080718_2206.html
Part 3: http://fourlc.com/channel1/5/08xb/20080718_2208.html

Bonus? Maou theme song: Truth

Maou theme – Truth [Arashi] –

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I’m depressed. Really. Very. Depressed. I didn’t get to watch the first episode of Maou because (1) I don’t live in Japan, (2) I don’t have an internet connection at home (my fault, I know), and (3) I don’t have cable.

Good news is, LJ’s aatash (God bless her!) had made a summary of the first episode (Maou episode one).

Even more good news: icecola found a link to the raw files of Maou! Like her I am posting the link without the permission of the owner (goldengutgirl@arashi_on’s community LJ ) or her (sry!)…

MAOU ep01

Part 1: http://fourlc.com/channel1/5/08fh/20080704_2158.html
Part 2: http://fourlc.com/channel1/5/08fh/20080704_2159.html
Part 3: http://fourlc.com/channel1/5/08fh/20080704_2160.html
Part 4: http://fourlc.com/channel1/5/08fh/20080704_2161.html

HQs are available at arashi groups’s VOX

I don’t care if I can’t understand a word they’re saying, just want to see Ohno and Toma. Now. Yet I wonder when the subbed version will come out. Subbers, please do Maou!!

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Downloaded Ousama no Brunch 06-28-2008 episode with Maou’s Ohno and Toma last night; it was subbed, of course, so I fortunately understood what they were saying.


They both described their roles in the drama; Ohno’s plays a brilliant lawyer who’s angelic and calm on the outside but tormented on the inside. Toma’s role is that of a reckless cop who’s chasing Ohno. Plus there was a preview for the first episode (*weee!*). And a short (very short) clip of Nino’s grabbing Ohno’s clothes and slamming him on the wall.


Last time I watched Toma was in his Clover and Honey series where he looked extra dorky but now he looks H.O.T. The reckless cop image kind of suits him, doesn’t it? Ohno, though… are they feeding him right? He looked like he hadn’t slept and eaten in a week. He’s still cute but thin; I liked him better when he looked puffy. Poor Riida, is the dorama world not suited for him? 


Riida’s still funny though. Ohno said his role is hard because of the complexity of his character or something like while on the contrary he’s really an idiot. The hosts started saying he was interesting and that he’s the healing type and looked like someone who wouldn’t think bad about anyone and all the while he was nodding and agreeing with them; when he realized what he was doing, he said “Ah, thank you very much.” Ohno-san also described practicing for his expressions in front of the mirror after bathing and said that on the scene where he was sort of looking down he thought “Ah, what am I doing naked?” and laughed. And when he was asked who among the Arashi was appearing in the first episode he answered “The one that I like” referring to Nino and looking as if it was the most normal thing in the world to say even though everyone around him was sniggering at him. And it was cute the way Toma turned to Ohno after the clip where Nino was at and laughed. Whenever I see Toma’s dimples I feel like squishing his face and—never mind.


They were both asked what kind of “King” each other was (note on the subs said the kanji for –ou in Ma-ou means “King). Ohno said Toma is the Big Eater King, kind of self explanatory; and Toma said Ohno is the Fish King (any Ohno Satoshi fan knows he loves fishing.) Apparently Ohno still goes out to sea to fish until his skin starts burning. (Hmm, he does look a little tanned.)


Last words?


Toma: the series is interesting, “tricky suspense”—support and watch it, please. Ohno: Maou is scary at first but it eventually becomes more human; a show that will make you consider what being a human is. (not direct quotes)


It’s weird to hear Ohno saying so many words in one show when he usually just sits and stares when with Arashi. Anyhoo, want to watch it yourself? Anyhoo, want to watch it yourself? Here’s the link!


(will add screen caps later)

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Himitsu episode with Maou promotion… and here I thought they forgot about Ohno…

But it is unfortunately, un-embeddable so you’ll have to click

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While I as b*tch*ng yesterday because of the Himitsu episode that I couldn’t find… I found a clip from a Shukudai-kun episode where Shibata Rie touched Sho and Ohno’s pee-pee’s while trying to teach them “Mominucation”, whatever that is,… link is here for the Crunchyroll clip…


Ohmiya (*eyes go sparkle sparkle*) They’re in the first episode of Maou, yes both of them!!

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Pic from LJ’s TenjoStyle.

Ohno’s looking so pretty in that pic on top… I’m still trying to find out what the hell Nino is doing in Maou. Hmm, wonder if Ohno’s going to kill him? (*evil snicker)

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