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Despite having received the link for the Episode 3 of Maou two days ago, I only got to watch it yesterday. Grrr watches Maou now, mostly because of Toma Ikuta. I told her about the ratings of Maou (1st episode: 14%; 2nd episode: 12.6; and 3rd: 9.2%) and she’s not surprised… and frankly, I’m not either.

Now, this might incur the wrath of my co-Arashi and Ikuta fans (note: I love them both) but please let’s face the facts: Maou isn’t really that interesting (gomen! gomen! Honto gomen!!).

Our reasons:

1. I don’t know how they do it but every scene feels like it’s rushed but it also feels like nothing is happening at the same time. It’s always Toma running, Ohno walking, Toma screaming, Ohno in the darkroom (repeat).

2. Toma is too hysterical and he’s always running (he doesn’t own a car?). Grrr pointed out that Toma is perfect for comedy doramas but he looks so confused when portraying serious type characters. ~But then I liked the way he acted at that scene outside Shiori’s house when he was crying over his friend’s death (makes you want to fly to Japan and squeeze him and tell him everything’s alright).

3. Ohno is everywhere yet he moves so slooooow. Although I love how Ohno manages to convey the hatred and sadness and lately guilt that he’s supposed to have just by his facial expressions, I don’t like that he moves like a statue on wheels. A little less on the stiffness would be nice.

4. Grrr pointed out that Kobayashi Ryoko looks like a turtle, I noticed that she walks with her armpits glued to her sides, and both of think she looks annoying but that’s just us being sourgrapes for seeing her with Ohno and Toma. In truth, she’s pretty but unlike the Korean Mawang (I only watched the first episode) she doesn’t exactly glow. Sorry, I don’t know how else to describe it: it’s just that she doesn’t glow, the Korean actress does but she doesn’t.

5. Grrr and I have already guessed how the freaking thing would end, in just after three episodes. Doesn’t exactly make you want to stick to the series if you’re in for the plot.

As much as I don’t like seeing Ohno’s first dorama fail so miserably (he’s my ichiban and all), I understand the reason why. It’s just not interesting enough.


I’ve discovered how I could wake myself successfully early in the morning: I used Ohno’s AU CM song as my alarm tone. Everytime I hear Ohno’s voice I jolt awake wondering where it is. Perfect!!


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One of the videos I brought home last Sunday was Arashi no Shukudai-kun episode #62 (Urgent year end plan! Arashi decisive battle for housework king!); the one where they were made to do games that was supposed to be related to housework to see who the housework king is.

The first task was to mop 5 meters on the floor around a round mat. I haven’t watched it before so when this happened to Nino…




my 1st .gif,, gomen ne

first .gif,, click on pic if it's not moving


…both Grrr and I laughed so much our abs got workouts (we watched this scene over and over and over and over). He looked like an overturned turtle!! He was doing fine the first turn but his foot sort of slid on the floor. Such a good sport though, he was laughing at himself while going through his second loop.

Poor Nino~ apparently, because he was the fourth one to do the mopping, the floor had so much water it became slippery. In all fairness too, Aiba, who came after Nino, almost slipped twice at the exact same spot Nino slipped.

Other stuff happened in the episode too, demo~ (for a detailed information on this episode just check out Aatash’s Livejournal page).


Oh btw, livejournal’s yuckie-chan had also uploaded scans of Gyao, Potato, & WinkUp, & TV Pia Magazine which had Arashi and Ohno&Toma in it. These are from her:


 ~pretty pretty Ohno, luv that angle (*squishes Ohno’s face*)


~one of my favorite pictures ever (*drool*)

This one is from WinkUp


See Nino? See? (I loooooove Ohmiya!!)

Someone translate these mags, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!!

***For the rest of the pics (and more!) check out yuckie-chan’s livejournal posts: For Gyao, Potato and Wink Up here. For TV Pia here

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I just finished watching Maou ep 3, didn’t understand most of what I saw but it was fun (I somehow find it funny that Ohno was driving a car in this episode when he says he doesn’t have a license. So I reckon the close up on the car windshield means the car was being pulled by the car holding the camera and he was faking the driving… unless he decided to learn how to drive afterall.) I’m now waiting for my arashi d-loads to finish before I go home~ so hungry. Anyway…

Okay, I know this is a little late for me to ask but which are Arashi’s first names? Is it Ohno, Ninomiya, Sakurai, Aiba and Jun? I know Jun’s first name is Jun, and Aiba’s is Aiba but with the rest, I get confused… can someone tell me?

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My sister Grrr is usually shares my infatuations with stars. I mean, when I started bringing home pictures and mobile themes of Toma Ikuta, she flailed along with me as we viewed them. So, I was a little disappointed when I introduced her to Arashi and she made a face like: “So? What do i care?” She knew who Jun was but she wasn’t really interested about the others. Plus I could’ve made things worse when I watched Yamada Taro about seven times in a row.

But when I started bringing home downloaded videos of AnS and Mago Mago, she watched and laughed with me. At first I thought she was just bored when she watched the shows with me but last sunday she surprised me by asking me if we can watch more of Arashi. (Ha! One down…  a lot more to go T.T) Ah! So all I had to do was show her how funny they are! Well, of course, she doesn’t know what their names are, except for Jun; Nino, she kept addresing as “Poor Prince” and Sho, “the friend” because of Yamada Taro; Aiba she didn’t care for, but she knows that he’s the one Jun kept on hitting in the head in AnS; and Ohno, dear Ohno, we call “Masao”, because he looks like this cute little sadistic Japanese kid who used to visit us at home when we were living in Cavite and demanded full control of our television which we gave him because he was just so kawaii!! (one time Masao threw the kitten the little girls in our neighborhood were playing with at this huge dog next door and laughed as the little girls cried when the dog ate the kitten right in front of them)

So now I’m stuck at the computer shop waiting for countless of downloads to finish. It feels nice when you know someone else is going to watch the funny vids with you, don’t it. Sharing the insanity, sort of. I wonder who I can turn crazy next?

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Himitsu episode with Maou promotion… and here I thought they forgot about Ohno…

But it is unfortunately, un-embeddable so you’ll have to click

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Finally, I got to watch the Himitsu no Arashi episode of Hana Yori MatsuJun (episode 9)!! Thanks to Icecola of WordPress and xxakanishixx of YouTube. Brilliant mode of promotion for Hana Yori Dango Final not to mention hilarious because Jun (probably) didn’t have any idea what was happening.


If you’ve been looking for a translation of the episode try jliann’s LJ page: “Because I couldn’t help it…XD” for part one, and “Every Idol needs a fan like Ooshima” for part two.


I saw Ooshima-san on a Shukudai-kun episode where she sumo-wrestled one of her groupmates (Morisanchuu, I think is their group’s name?) and ended up showing her butt to everyone. Even then she already said she was a big fan of Jun (even to the point of threatening her group of physical harm if they so much as touch him); but seeing just how much of a fan she is, is amazing. I mean, she even has a scrapbook full of magazine clippings etc of Jun and Arashi… and concert tickets with her name on it… gosh, she reminds me of me in high school when I was still gaga over the Backstreet Boys… it’s embarrasing but I still have the huge scrapbook in one of the dusty boxes at home. It’s just a shme that the only time BSB cme to the the Phils was when I was in elementary and my hormones haven’t kicked in yet.


Anyway, the only vid for the actual Himitsu show is “unembeddable” so I can’t give you a link. But part of Jun and Ooshima’s date was kindly uploaded by miihchan of YouTube… here ya go!! (for partial translation of HnA see aatash of LiveJournal’s page: Utaban & HnA.)


Part 1 of episode… warning, though, it has nothing to do with MatsuJun’s date: (these ladies scare me… really)



Part 2 of episode: Jun’s date starts at 7:02:


Part 3:



Part 4:



And that hilarious ending!!:



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Arashi no Shukudai-kun Episode 12-18-2006(?)

Forcing Riida to eat Sparrow… he looked like he was going to cry while he was chewing that bird, poor baby (*big hug*) but still so squishable. Seemed kinda angry when he said “Umai!”

(note: the ff translation came from the YouTube Page by one of the Commentors: 19plugs)

(DO IT! Go for it!)
(Here it comes! Suzume – Sparrow)
Ohno: Anesan (Older sister), DO IT!
Anesan: No way!
MatsuJun: Don’t cry
Nino: You’re 26 years old ok
Aiba: Ganbare! (Do your best!)
Ohno: Anesan DO IT!
Aiba: Tasty or bad?
Ohno: TASTY!
Aiba: That’s great!

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