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Along with my conviction to lessen the food that I ingest was my decision to massively lessen the amount of Arashi that I intake everyday as my already lessening concentration is suffering. But, yappari, it’s impossible. I’ve surrounded myself with too much of Arashi to avoid them now.


Just after I’ve posted the previous one saying that I’m on an Arashi diet, I came home and found my sister Grrr and, unbelievably, my dad, who hates watching anything subtitled, watching Yamada Tarou in the living room (The next day, Sakura Sake was blasting throughout the house.) My dad seemed to find it really funny that the Yamada family would rather win a large watermelon than a DVD player (Episode 5?); proof that I come from an incredibly materialistic family. The time that my dad had been glimpsing at the computer when Grr and I watch Shukudai and Odoroki on it has been increasing too. He doesn’t know their names and the only person he knows at least by face is Ohno who he refers to as “the one with the dead taste buds”.


My sister kept bugging me to find that song in Hana Yori Dango the one sung by a girl that starts with “Arigatou~something.” Apparently she has a classmate who’s insane about Jun and Hana Yori Dango and she wanted to boast about having the song… but I haven’t found it; I don’t even know the title.


In the office, I could at least avoid seeing Arashi yet sometimes it just gets so boring that I couldn’t help but watch the videos that I had left there to pass the time.


Sigh~ I suppose it’s easier to surrender and not resist.’


Anyway, I don’t know if anyone had noticed this but I was watching Arashi no Shukudai Episode 88 yesterday and noticed this:



See Ohmiya at the bottom right side? How Ohno’s head rests oh so nicely on Nino’s? I had to rewind and watch it twice just to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me~ I love these boys.


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There’s something so troubling seeing your two male idols kiss in front of you. For some reason, the feeling is not jealously… and it’s so weird. Anyway, Icecola finds the most interesting information. The latest? Ohmiya’s kiss on stage: Itadakimasu!!


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While I as b*tch*ng yesterday because of the Himitsu episode that I couldn’t find… I found a clip from a Shukudai-kun episode where Shibata Rie touched Sho and Ohno’s pee-pee’s while trying to teach them “Mominucation”, whatever that is,… link is here for the Crunchyroll clip…


Ohmiya (*eyes go sparkle sparkle*) They’re in the first episode of Maou, yes both of them!!

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Pic from LJ’s TenjoStyle.

Ohno’s looking so pretty in that pic on top… I’m still trying to find out what the hell Nino is doing in Maou. Hmm, wonder if Ohno’s going to kill him? (*evil snicker)

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 Where can I download videos of Arashi esp Shukudai and vs Arashi? Ah, the questions that bog the mind of a newbie fan… The only freaking thing I can find about Maou in YouTube:

Another funny vid: Is this how Nino treats his date?

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