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I never realized how much I missed on the internet until I went to Jessica Zafra’s Site and saw that there were two pages of posts that I haven’t read. It’s not even helping that my cp~pc net connection is slow–slower– than usual and I have to squeeze into a net cafe full of hollering teenagers just to get my internet fix.

Haven’t played Perfect World in a while too~ I hope my clan doesn’t kick me out. Aryashiki~ gambatte ne!!  ^ ^

Anyway, since I’m already here…

My Arashi fix~~

Ohno getting whipped~

So cool, so cool!!~

Chibi Sakurai-kun~

Scary Jun, Adorable Ohno~~

Pics credit goes to MegamaLovesSatoshi & Pnudang, (photobucket)

~~I’ll steal more pics next time, and maybe some new news… heh!!

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