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first gyoza

They look like gross little fishies, don't they?

The ingredients for gyoza looked kind of like the ones for siomai so Grr and I figured they were easy to make, so yesterday we decided to make gyoza.

My recipe came from wikihow’s How to Make Gyoza Dumplings. According to the recipe we needed: pork, large shrimps, Napa cabbage, Chinese chives, gyoza wrappers, ginger, garlic, salt, white pepper, vegetable oil, sesame oil, but among all the ingredients all i got was pork, chives, garlic, salt and vegetable oil. Instead, I used carrots, green peas, and corn kernels. Also, I didn’t know what gyoza wrappers are so I bought molo wrappers instead (are they the same things?).

Because I was using molo wrappers, they were thin as paper so I used two of them to wrap one. The folding was hell and I broke most of them.  The difference between siomai and gyoza, aside from the folding, is that siomai’s are steamed and gyoza’s are fried and then boiled/steamed. Well, I blew that one too. I put too much oil when I fried them.

But in the end, i suppose it’s okay… Grr said they taste like fried siomai; she ate half of them in one sitting. I’ll do it proper next time. Meanwhile, my next project: how to make okonomiyaki!!

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