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I felt kind of out of it last weekend so I didn’t even take a peek at the 2nd episode of Maou. Bored, because I haven’t downloaded new Arashi vids, I had to entertain the next best thing that I could find: my car.


I named my car Yukina after Hiei’s sister in Yu Yu Hakusho because her color is like Yukina’s hair in the anime. It’s sick in a lot of places but we’re repairing it little by little. I’ve only had one driving lesson before, the forward and reverse thing and honestly, I found it frightening. I couldn’t control how much speed I should put and I always end up rushing forward, panicking, and pushing the brake on too hard; that or the engine dies on me. So I was a little scared when my dad said someone was teaching me to drive Sunday early morning.


Surprisingly though, it was easy the second time around. In an hour I could turn left and right and maneuver through gears. Well, it was in a vacant subdivision but still its progress. My dad paid our neighbor, Blackie, for teaching me that hour in the morning so Blackie kind of felt obligated to teach me again in the afternoon. But this time we didn’t go to the vacant subdivision lot, he had me drive in the highway, with the other cars, jeepneys, and huge trucks who are waaaay faster than me (This is probably why Ohno feels like he’ll die if he got a license). To increase my fright, my sister Grrr had to come along and sit in the backseat. So for almost an hour, I drove in the highway completely scared that I would collide with the other vehicles or crash in a tree or fall out of the road and kill my passengers but we got home fine; I even got to park the car properly, plus, the engine doesn’t die on me anymore.


I’m supposed to learn driving and stopping midway on a bridge but the car broke down again. So, back to the internet for me.



they look weird, don't they?

It’s my dad’s birthday yesterday but he had his party at home last friday. I hate parties so I planned to not be home until I’m sure they’re all gone. Problem is was sleepy. See, my dad asked if I could make sushi for him and his beer buddies; it would’ve been easy except I couldn’t find any nori. I used to buy it from Robinson San Fernando but when I went there last Tuesday, the only nori they had was the ones that looked like strips of potato chips. So then I thought I’d go to Angeles City, there’s a Korean shop there that Grrr and I went to once to look what we could buy and I remember seeing nori there. Unfortunately, when I got to Angeles (almost 7pm), the shop was closed. I wanted to give up since it was late but then I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I try one more store.


I saw in passing a new Korean shop called “Mr. Ramyun” while I was inside the jeepney. It was on the other side of the town square (“town square” sounds kind of medieval doesn’t it?) but I also wanted to check out what it was. From the outside it looked like a noodle shop but other than noodles there were also other stuff inside, like stationeries, imported meatloaves, and… janjajajaaaaan NORI!! Finally, I found one!!


With the nori in tow all I needed were the ingredients… which I could buy on the other side of the town square. Bottom line, when I got home it was nearly 10 PM and I was near passing out. But of course, the torture doesn’t end there, no no no, there’s more.


Grrr suddenly had the urge to bring some of the sushi to school for her friends, so that meant I needed to make twice as much sushi. So I slept at 10PM, woke up at 12AM and pretty much just made sushi until the sun came up.

Two hours of sleep. When I was in high school, I could stay awake for three consecutive days and not even feel the urge to doze in class, not even when I was writing stories; now, I lack six hours of sleep time and my head falls from my shoulder at the slightest mental tedium… god, I’m getting older.




News from the outside world.


12 year old elementary school boy got 19 year old girl pregnant.


Ha! Ha ha ha!! Ha ha ha ha!!!



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