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Watching Kitto Daijobu. I love this song because no matter how crappy i feel my day is, it always makes me feel light and fluffy. It’s sort of like my 3-4 minute trip to cloud nine. Then again when I come down from cloud nine I feel crappier. The solution then is to listen to Arashi the whole day.

More about the lousy day? (more…)


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Meet Yukina

(Originally written May 02, 2008 )


None of my family can drive including me; we can’t afford gas, we hardly have enough money to buy rice (barring NFA rice, the lowest price is at around P35 per kilo) but for some strange reason my dad suddenly had an urge to buy me a car (My dad had one of the neighbors test drive it before he bought it.)


I name almost everything I own so Grrr and I named the car Yukina, after the ice princess, Hiei’s sister, in Yu Yu Hakusho. It looks like a boy but because of the color and I think the rule is that every vehicle is naturally female we gave it a girl name.


Anyway, I can’t drive it and for days I have failed to find anyone who could teach me to drive and I’m afraid to learn by myself because our street isn’t exactly wide and I would most likely crash. So there it sits in front of our house like a dead carabao gathering flies. My dad treats it like a toy. He gets people to drive it for him to wherever he wants to go.


Last night though was different. Being Labor Day and having nothing to do Grrr and I went to the computer shop so Grrr could go internet surfing and so I could play Perfect World (Hello to Dragon’s Aryashiki Clan) and then we went to the mall because we didn’t want to go home. When I got back, the car was about five houses down parked in front of a neighbor’s house.


I didn’t mind it and I didn’t say anything when dad came home and the car was still there because I could still see it from the house. At about 11:00 or 12:00 in the evening I heard the car revving from the outside. I opened the door and I saw some dude driving it to and fro in front of the house. I could hear the car start and then stop and then start and then stop and some crunching sounds so it was either the driver was dead drunk or he doesn’t know how to drive. I hate drunks; it’s a trauma from my childhood; so I stayed inside the house and said nothing.


This morning when I got out of the house the crushed part of Yukina’s rear bumper greeted me. The light at the right (or is it left?) hand side was partly broken and the bumper below it was slightly crushed. I didn’t have the time to inspect Yukina because I was late but my dad said the front bumper had fallen down as well as the right side mirror and the right side was also crushed.


Apparently one of the drunken drunks outside had a brain blast deep into the night, ‘Hey! Why don’t we take the car to a beer house?’ So they took it into a beer house and promptly crashed into some resort’s flower box on the way back.


I was irritated when I saw the rear bumper but now I’m angry. This has been one of the most infuriatingly surreal weeks I’ve ever had and the last thing I need is a damaged property. I haven’t even sat inside the freaking car let alone drive it and it’s already damaged. It’s partly my dad’s fault he gave the dude the keys to the car but if he knew he was drunk why did he have to drive it? Why couldn’t he have just left it there?


Last week one of the stupid neighbors wanted to borrow it for his business. I think he wanted to load some stuff in it and use it a service car. What the hell is with my neighbors?


So now Yukina’s wounded. It’s bad enough that she doesn’t get to go anywhere, now she’s got scratches on her everywhere. My car’s social life is getting to be as horrible as mine.

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